10 Tips For An Effective Training

1. Keep It To Yourself!

You aren’t training for others. You’re training for yourself. Don’t try to impress others by your looks or your attitude. Of course many of us train just because of that reason. Train as long as you are satisfied with your body and not until others are.

2. Concentrate!

Don’t just fool around in the gym. When it’s gym time, it’s gym time. Train when you have to train and rest when you have to rest. Don’t waste your time talking to others between your sets. Finish your workout then you may have the time to talk to others.

3. Rest Right!

Between your sets try to rest right. Try to concentrate and relax your muscles. Feel how the muscles gets softer and unstressed. Many people don’t take their resting time serious. They waste their time with useless things that won’t improve their workouts.

4. Lift Hard!

I really like the adage “Go hard or go home”. Train after this philosophy. You won’t harm your body as long as you have a good form and try to listen what your body tells you. If you have lower back pain while deadlifting try to change or optimize your form. If the pain still exist try to lower the weight. Finding excuses for not lifting heavy weights are just as useless as lifting light. Try to keep your rep-range amon 1-15 even though higher rep range in leg training showed better muscle growth.

5. Motivate Yourself!

No one likes to go unmotivated to the gym. Find something that motivates you. Find the right music or the right time when you are motivated. It doesn’t matter if it’s rock, punk, rap or Mozart, as long as it motivates you.

Done Quite A Good Job

There are some people that I think did quite a good job in revolutionizing bodybuilding

First Example Martin Berkhan
He introduced a life changing way of eating. He is the creator of Leangains. Look him up at www.Leangains.com. I really like his training philosophy. The easiness that is provided through his invention is something you can’t get often in things like bodybuilding. You have to provide a lot of endurance and patience. With his help you are able to reach your aims easier, but mainly faster.

Second Example Bruce Lee
Without hesitation you will recognize this name. “Isn’t that this martial arts fighter who became worldwide famous?”, you will ask yourself. Subsequent you surely will think something like: “What does he has to do with bodybuilding”? Bruce Lee had an awesome physique. The definition of his body is inhuman. It seems like he has one of the best Bodies when you search for definition. Of course from mass-proportion, if you compare him to Bodybuilders he seems rather small. But his physique is one of the greatest. If you want to read more about him and how he developed his body I deeply advise you to read his book Bruce Lee: The Art Of Expressing The Human Body

What Do You Seek In Life?

The Purpose of life is a life of purpose.

  -Robert Byrne



What do we seek in life?                                                                                                   What is life’s purpose?

You don’t have to be successful or to have a happy and lovely family to be able to say that you achieved something in your life. Whatever it is what you seek in your life it has to fulfill yourself. Everyone is different, someone wants to be a doctor, another one wants to be a father or a mother and another wants to be an author. But what is the right thing that we have to achieve in our life? Is there something like the “Purpose of life” ?. Do we live to achieve something special?

We all have our own goals and dreams. Some of us have the power to achieve what they wanted. Everyone knows that for example Fitness is good for you. In the end we don’t do it because we “have no time”, “have pain in the back”, “go out for dinner and can’t eat healthy today” or “have no money”. Whatever our excuse is we have to acknowledge that it’s an excuse and no real reason for not doing it. Every one of us has this problem. It’s not like some are born with motivation or with luck.

I remember myself saying that as soon as I would have a membership in the gym I would start to train. Of course it didn’t turn out as I thought. I lacked the motivation or the dedication to go to the gym. This is natural. The only thing that separates us from the other one who’s working out in the gym, is his will.

 I welcome everyone to my blog and hope that you will be able to take some information or even an essential advice with you.